Treatment Approach
Dr. McDowell’s approach is to provide comprehensive care to her patients.  She will partner with you throughout the evaluation/consultation process, as well as the implementation of a treatment plan.   

  • The evaluation process begins with a comprehensive intake session in which the family is invited to share their concerns about their child.  Dr. McDowell will obtain thorough background information in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan.  This plan will be unique for each child.  It may include consultation, assessment, treatment, or a combination of these.
  • If an assessment is indicated, it will be designed to your child’s specific needs.  Each child is unique and deserves his/her own unique treatment plan.  The assessment is conducted at your child’s own pace.  We will respect your child’s needs and adjust the assessment process accordingly.

  • You will be provided with feedback about all of the assessment results and recommendations.  Your input is welcomed and vital to the evaluation and feedback process.

  • You will be provided with a comprehensive report that includes all of the assessment results and recommendations.  You are welcome to share this report with whomever you like.  Dr. McDowell will never release a report to another party without your expressed written consent.

  • Dr. McDowell is happy to discuss the assessment results, with your permission, with your child’s educational team, health care professionals, or anyone else with whom you would like her to consult.  Dr. McDowell is available to attend your child’s IEP meeting or school conference.

  • If treatment is indicated, Dr. McDowell will recommend a treatment plan that addresses your child’s and your family’s specific needs.

  • Except on very rare occasions, parents are involved in their child’s care.  Confidentiality issues will be openly discussed in the initial session.  Treatment is most optimal when environmental changes, in addition to therapeutic interventions, can enhance the generalization of therapeutic progress.

  • Therapy will be continually re-evaluated to ensure that an effective treatment plan is being implemented.  All treatment approaches utilized by Dr. McDowell are empirically based.